This is true nectar. No goodness stripping factories. Great taste 2 stars 2021.

Organic Mountain Bee Pollen Sugar

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Sun-bright. Nutrient-rich. Sweetly distinctive. Our Mountain Bee Pollen is a vibrant blend of honey, pollen, nectar, and wax. It’s delicious: nutritional, versatile andan easy way to boost flavour in your favourite foods, naturally. And of course, boost your daily vitamins too.

How to use Organic Mountain Bee Pollen?

    - Swirl into yoghurt for a wholesome-packed bite

    - Melt into porridge for a honeyed breakfast boost

    - Whizz into smoothies for a vitamin-filled, vibrant lift

    - Blend into desserts for characterful texture and sunny notes.

Shop our Organic Mountain Bee Pollen; Available in 125g eco-pots and 500g resealable pouch below.

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Key Benefits:

    - Award-winning taste

    - Organic

    - Nutrient Rich

    - High in Vitamin E&C

    - High in Cooper

    - High in Folic Acid

    - High in Potassium

    - Suitable for Vegetarians

    - Available in 125g eco-pots and 500g resealable pouch.

Why Choose Organic Mountain Bee Pollen?

"Bursts with floral, fruity flavours in your mouth leave a lasting earthiness. Unique and interesting.A different experience with each tasting".

The Great Taste Awards, 2022

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