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Pear Gin Fizz

Pear Gin Fizz
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Cook Time
30 minutes

Ingredients for pear syrup:

  • 1 or 2 pears
  • 100g of BONRAW Organic Panela Sugar
  • 120ml of water

Ingredients for the pear gin fizz cocktail:

  • 25ml of pear syrup
  • 50ml of gin
  • Tonic or soda water


  1. Begin by finely chopping or blending your pears. Then add the pears, sugar and water to a small saucepan and place over medium heat.
  2. Bring the mixture to boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook about 5-8 minutes until then liquid becomes an amber colour and the pears are breaking down. Stir frequently while the pears are cooking to evenly cook.
  3. Remove the pear puree from the heat and strain the syrup into a container. Use a spoon to press any remaining liquid out of the pear solids.
  4. Discard the pear solids and use only the strained syrup for the cocktail recipe. Then, let the syrup cool to room temperature before using.
  5. Fill up the shake with ice
  6. Add pear sugar syrup & gin and shake
  7. Single strain the cocktail to remove the ice shards (pour the cocktail in a cold glass filled with ice)
  8. Top up the cocktail with tonic or soda water
  9. Decorate with a slice of pear, ground cinnamon, rosemary or thyme and serve.
Writer and expert
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