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Stewed Apples

Stewed Apples
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Time: 15 mins

Servings: 2 - 4

Don’t let your apples go to waste! Stewing them is an easy and delicious way to put your leftover apples to good use. Simply add lemon, Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar, and cinnamon for the ultimate apple topping for all your makes and bakes. Classically this recipe has been made with refined brown sugar, but Coconut Blossom’s naturally rich, aromatic taste transforms even the humblest of apples into a delicious filling for a homemade strudel or to top your daily porridge. You can even use the juice from your stewed apples to make homemade apple cider. The possibilities are endless and delicious!


- 3 apples, peeled, cored, and chopped

- 2-4 tbsp Bonraw Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar

- 1 tbsp lemon juice

- ½ tsp ground cinnamon


1. Place your 3 chopped apples, 2-4 tbsp of Coconut Blossom Sugar, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of cinnamon in a small pan along with 1 tbsp water.

2. Cover the pan and cook over medium heat for 5-10 mins, or until the apples appear tender when pierced with the tip of a knife.

3. If you prefer a smoother mixture, continue to cook for a further 5 mins, uncovered, stirring frequently to break down the apples into a compote.


- Use a mixture of cooking and eating apples for a variety of textures and a more rounded flavour.

- Granny Smith Apples are a great choice for stewing as they hold their shape and texture well and add a tart kick.

- Bramley Apples are another good option as they result in a softer and sweeter stewed apple mix.

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Writer and expert
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