Have Your Cake and eat it , The award winning Silver Birch now in a sugar-free caster.

Silver Birch Caster (Sugar-Free) Natural Sweetener

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Here’s the inside scoop on how to get a sugar high without the low: Bonraw’s all-natural Silver Birch Caster. Finer crystals of our award-winning Granulated natural sweetener.Bright. Clean. Pure. Sugar-free.A perfect baking sugar. With 40% fewer calories than regular caster sugar, it brings the same care and consistency to your baking too. And as its all-natural, there’s more reason to have your cake and eat it.

Made from xylitol which occurs naturally in plant fibres, this is a positive sugar replacement. Enjoying sweet never felt so easy.

How to use Silver Birch Caster (Sugar-Free)?

Everything is extra delicious with Silver Birch Caster:

  • Enjoy as an all-natural swap in your favourite baking recipes

  • Fold into cake batter for springy sponges

  • Roll into cookie dough for a lighter but crave-worthy crumb

  • Beat into your brownie mixture for a better-for-you chocolate fix.


Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

Xylitol is digested by pets in a different way to humans. It can cause their blood sugar levels to drop dramatically and in some cases even cause death. So please DO NOT give your pet Silver Birch Natural Sweeteners.

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Key Benefits:

- Award-winning taste
- 1:1 Caster Sugar Replacer
- 40% Fewer Calories Than Caster Sugar
- 10 Calories per tsp
- GI of 7
- Plant-Based
- Vegan
- Sugar-free
- Teeth Friendly

Why Choose Silver Birch Caster(Sugar-Free)?

Made from our award-winning Silver Birch Granulated Natural Sweetener:

"A fresh, very clean tasting sugar substitute. The natural sweetness is not underscored with bitterness or tartness. The dissolve is instant, and the sweetness is imparted with a purity. This is a very palatable alternative to sugar which is an achievement given the unpleasant flavour/aftertaste of many others on the market! "Great Taste Awards, 2020

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