Full - Bodied flair for your drinks, Panela its the way of life . great taste 2 star 2020.

Organic Panela Sugar (Raw Dried Cane Juice)

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You’ll notice Panela’s vivid, earthen gold first. Then, the sweet-burnt aroma. Panela is a handmade tradition that’s endured in Colombia for centuries. It’s delicious: fine with full-bodied flair and ready to enrich all your favourites like your regular brown sugar, only naturally.

How to use Organic Panela (Raw Dried Cane Juice)?

    - Stir into coffee for a bolder finish

    - Bring umami depth into your cooking

    - Enjoy as a brown sugar swap in all your baking

    - Shake into cocktails for a treacle twist

Shop our Organic Panela Sugar range from our small 120g taster pouches to our refillable 225g eco-pots and our 1kg pouches below.

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Key Benefits:

    - Award-winning taste

    - Organic

    - 1:1 Brown Sugar Replacer

    - GI of 35

    - Source of Calcium

    - Immune Support: Source of Iron

    - Available in 120g taster pouch, 225g eco-pots, 1kg pouch.

Why Choose Organic Panela Sugar (Raw Dried Cane Juice)?

"What a beautiful artisan looking sugar, it has wonderful, varied colouration, and delightful rich aromatic molasses aroma, combined with notes of sun ripened wheat or barley. And on tasting there are distinct hints of sweet molasses and cane, withwonderful, caramelised notes too. Clean, precise and a wonderful great tasting discovery".Great Taste Awards, 2020

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