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Organic Demerara Sugar (1st Press Of Whole Cane Sugar)

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Sprinkle a little in your palm. This organic Demerara glistens. Big, beautiful, unrefined crystals, made from the first press of whole cane sugar. This promises to bring irresistible sparkle and deep notes of smooth molasses to all your recipes.

It’s delicious: a little fruity, rustic, versatile and with that unmistakable, satisfying crunch. Perfect for baking, crunchy finishes, and coffee.

How to use Organic Demerara Sugar?

    - Enjoy full-bodied flavour in all your baking

    - Sprinkle on crumbles for extra, rustic crunch

    - Work into cheesecake bases for a richer, moreish taste

    - Bake into flapjacks for a fruitier, chewier bite

    - Fold into biscuit recipes for heightened flavour.

Shop our Organic Demerara Sugar range from our small 120g taster pouches to our refillable 225g eco-pots and our 1kg pouches below.

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Key Benefits:

    - Award-winning taste

    - Organic

    - Unrefined

    - Gluten free

    - Vegan

    - Available in 120g taster pouch, 225g eco-pots, 1kg pouch.


Why Choose Organic Demerara Sugar?

"Pleasant toffee with hints of butterscotch flavour. Nicer thansome molasses-based demerara sugar and the grains stay separate for crunch. Would be good to use as extra ingredient for crumbles andbiscuits”. The Great Taste Awards, 2021.

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