We are a certified B Corp.

We believe that all businesses should be a force for good in the world.

In late January of 2022, BONRAW became the 1st certified B-Corp of its kind. We set about on this journey because we feel that the structure and accreditation provide us with the best framework to achieve our ambitions. We are now part of a global movement of businesses, who are using their influence to make the world a better place.

We know it’s a lofty ambition, and that there is plenty to work on, but what really excites us is that we are committed to continually getting better.


Sweetening is historical, it’s cultural and many parts political. Organic sugars have been savoured in communities around the world for hundreds of years. No factories, no synthetics, and no big business in sight. Traditional farming. Nurtured. Harvested. Loved.

This discovery was a vital beginning for Bonraw. To bring natural sugars as they exist in communities, many where poverty exists, and have people from around the world enjoy what natural sweet is all about. We knew bringing a range of organic sugars and natural sweeteners to the rest of the world wasn’t going to be easy. The consumer industry is static. There’s big business dominating what is on offer. There’s been little to excite the senses for a long time and it is a compromised experience with little choice.

Choice in sugar means… 23,627KG OF REFINED SUGAR SAVED FROM CONSUMPTION WITHIN OUR COMMUNITY   Bonraw has helped our community choose… 16,702KG OF SUGAR-FREE SWEET!   *BONRAW Volume sold representative from Feb 2022 – Jan 2023, 12 months following certification.
Our B Corp Journey.


Our key focus areas of the last 12 months

We continue to evaluate the way we do business to ensure we’re always looking at ways to minimise our impact.

Over the past year, we’ve been exploring how we could lower our CO2 emissions, first by looking at product-specific carbon emissions and then by taking a closer looking at our packaging. This is why, in the last year, we’ve focussed on promoting our pouch range, we source these materials locally and the packaging can be recycled along with carrier bags in large supermarkets.