Born from the nectar of coconut palms, and its doesn't taste like a coconut. 1 star great taste 2020.

Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar

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Born from the wild nectar of coconut palms on organic farms in Indonesia. Aromatic, rich, fine, and ready to sweeten like your regular sugar, only naturally.

We keep it simple. The result celebrates origin. Farmers harvest the coconut sap in the cool early mornings and the dusky evenings. No bleaching. No goodness-stripping factories. The result is golden.

How to use Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar?

    - In baking for extra depth

    - In chocolate desserts for more intensity

    - Sprinkle on porridge for a toasted, rounded finish

    - Stir into espresso for a richer sip

    - Serve it with tropical fruits for a sweet & savoury clash

Shop our Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar range from our small 120g taster pouches to our refillable 225g eco-pots and our 1kg pouches below.

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Key Benefits:

    - Award-winning taste

    - Organic

    - 1:1 Brown Sugar Replacer

    - GI of 35

    - Source of Calcium

    - High in Potassium

    - High in Copper

    - Vegan

    - Available in 120g taster pouch, 225g eco-pots, 1kg pouch.

Why Choose Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar?

"The texture is excellent. Slightly granular but melting readily to release sweet molasses.

This product resembles a muscovado when you look at it in the tub and it has a muscovado sugar smell. This is also continued on the palate with dark molasses sweetness that gives a depth of flavour and pleasing roundness". The Great Taste Awards, 2020.

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