Introducing our single estate Fine Maple Sugar. Step Aside Maple syrup. Great taste  1 star 2021.

Organic Fine Maple Sugar

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Everyone loves Maple syrup. And here, in its organic sugar form, our Maple is the true source. Made from the pure, tree-trunk sap of the Red Maple tree, this is a versatile, nutrient packed way to quench your Maple needs. It’s delicious: treacly, balanced and melt-in-your-mouth fine.

How to use Organic Fine Maple Sugar?

    - Sprinkle onto porridge

    - Whizz into smoothies

    - Enjoy on desserts

    - Stir into any hot drinks

Shop our Organic Fine Maple Sugar range; Available in 125g eco-pots and 500g resealable pouch below.

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Key Benefits:

- Award-winning taste

- Organic

- Unrefined

- Never Blended

- Nutrient Rich

- High in Manganese

- High in Zinc

- High in Calcium

- Vegan

- Available in 125g eco-pots and 500g resealable pouch

Why Choose Organic Fine Maple Sugar?

“Smells wonderfully of maple syrup. The granules dissolve quickly, coating your palate with a much more delicate maple flavour than expected - almost diluted. Would elevate dishes and add a lovely warmth. An interesting product!”Great Taste Awards, 2021

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