Experts and artisans.

These days, when it comes to seeking the best taste experiences, there’s a lot of talk about origin.

At Bonraw, source isn’t simply a stamp of authenticity. Source is personal. It means a fair, traceable origin. We work with experts and artisans who know it all because they grow it all. Around the world, our trusted farmers and co-ops use age-old rituals and sustainable farming to protect the earth as well as the finest taste experience. This is their livelihood. So, sourcing also means we’re learning. Honing.

How can we work together to improve our process? How can we better support these communities?

We partner with small scale farmers, family sugar bush and bee keepers from around the globe, to bring you the finest organic sweet.

Sourcing is a partnership. It is a commitment

Because without our experts, our products wouldn’t be possible. We know their stories. They know us by name. It’s a constant work in progress but we’re in it for good.

We interrogate and understand where every ingredient that we use comes from before we decide to use it. We work with trusted suppliers who provide high-quality ingredients which do not damage the people producing them, the people eating them, or the planet.

Our organic sugars are certified by a recognised Organic body. This means that they are grown in a sustainable way, protecting natural resources and the environment. Organic certified plantations and sugar bushes are also better, safer places to work. We stay away from non-organic equivalents because it represents the grain we want to fight against. These are quality ingredients with love and skilful labour applied and should be protected for the people and the planet.

Our Organic Experts