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The Keto Baker

The Keto Baker Bundle, with our most loved Keto-Friendly products. A great gift for a friend or the ultimate starter pack for when you embark on your own Keto journey. Don't miss out on a bake or treat with our award-winning Silver Birch, now available in a Caster 450g and Icing 500g to replace the refined sugar equivalents. Bundle includes :

  • x2 Silver Birch Caster 450g 
  •  x2 Silver Birch Icing 500g.

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Sugar-Free Silver Birch Icing

Bright. Clean. Pure. And of course, sugar-free. A perfect powder. With 40% fewer calories than regular icing sugar, let this be the icing on the cake. And as Bonraw Icing is all-natural, there’s all the more reason to have your cake and eat it. Everything is extra delicious with Silver Birch Icing:

  • Sift generously for super-smooth icing
  • Beat into buttercream for generous consistency
  • Dust onto all your bakes for a pristine finish
  • Fold into frosting for a lower-calorie flourish.

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