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Mountain Bee Pollen

Our Mountain Bee Pollen is a vibrant blend of honey, pollen, nectar, and wax. It’s delicious: nutritional, versatile and an easy way to boost flavour in your favourite foods, naturally. And of course, boost your daily vitamins too.

  • Award-winning taste
  • Nutrient Rich
  • High in Vitamin E&C
  • High in Cooper
  • High in Folic Acid
  • High in Potassium
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

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Organic Panela Sugar

Colombian heritage is rooted in the handcrafted tradition of panelas. Delicious, fine, full-bodied, and ready to enrich all your favourites like regular brown sugar, but naturally.

  • Stir into coffee for a bolder finish.
  • Bring umami depth into your cooking
  • Enjoy as a brown sugar swap in all your baking
  • Shake into cocktails for a treacle twist.
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