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Demerara Sugar (1st Press of Whole Sugar Cane)

It’s delicious, a little fruity, rustic, versatile and with that unmistakable, satisfying crunch. Perfect for baking, crunchy finishes, and coffee. Everything is extra delicious with our Organic Demerara:

  • Enjoy full-bodied flavour in all your baking
  • Sprinkle on crumbles for extra, rustic crunch
  • Work into cheesecake bases for a richer, moreish taste
  • Bake into flapjacks for a fruitier, chewier bite
  • Fold into biscuit recipes for heightened flavour.

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Fine Maple Sugar

Made from the pure, tree-trunk sap of the Red Maple tree, this is a versatile, nutrient-packed way to quench your Maple needs. It’s delicious: treacly, balanced, and melt-in-your-mouth fine. Everything is extra delicious with our Organic Fine Maple Sugar:

  • Sprinkle onto porridge
  • Whizz into smoothies
  • Enjoy on desserts
  • Stir into any hot drinks.

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Mountain Bee Pollen Sugar

Our Mountain Bee Pollen is a vibrant blend of honey, pollen, nectar, and wax. It’s delicious: nutritional, versatile and an easy way to boost flavour in your favourite foods, naturally. And of course, boost your daily vitamins too.

Everything is extra delicious with our Organic Mountain Bee Pollen:

  • Swirl into yoghurt for a wholesome-packed bite
  • Melt into porridge for a honeyed breakfast boost
  • Whizz into smoothies for a vitamin-filled, vibrant lift
  • Blend into desserts for characterful texture and sunny notes.

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Organic Coconut Blossom

Born from the wild nectar of coconut palms on organic farms in Indonesia. Aromatic, rich, fine, and ready to sweeten like your regular sugar, only naturally. Delicious in baking, cooking and, general sprinkling. Everything is extra delicious with our Organic Coconut Blossom:

  • In baking for extra depth
  • In chocolate desserts for more intensity
  • Sprinkle on porridge for a toasted, rounded finish
  • Stir into espresso for a richer sip
  • Serve it with tropical fruits for a sweet & savoury clash.

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