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Organic Coconut Blossom

Born from the wild nectar of coconut palms on organic farms in Indonesia. Aromatic, rich, fine, and ready to sweeten like your regular sugar, only naturally. Delicious in baking, cooking and, general sprinkling. Everything is extra delicious with our Organic Coconut Blossom:

  • In baking for extra depth
  • In chocolate desserts for more intensity
  • Sprinkle on porridge for a toasted, rounded finish
  • Stir into espresso for a richer sip
  • Serve it with tropical fruits for a sweet & savoury clash.

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Organic Panela Sugar (Raw Dried Cane Juice)

Colombian heritage is rooted in the handcrafted tradition of panela. Delicious, fine, full-bodied, and ready to enrich all your favourites like regular brown sugar, but naturally.

  • Stir into coffee for a bolder finish
  • Bring umami depth into your cooking
  • Enjoy as a brown sugar swap in all your baking
  • Shake into cocktails for a treacle twist.

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Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar 120g

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Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar 225g

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Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar 1kg

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Organic Panela Sugar (Raw Dried Cane Juice) 1kg

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