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The Bakers Gift Guide 2022: Under & Over £50

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Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. A time filled with festive fun, and… what am I meant to buy for so and so? It’s true, merriment can be spoilt by the stress of not knowing what to buy for your loved ones, so you spend hours trawling the shops and online marketplaces with no such luck.

It can be hard to even know what to look for. A great place to start is by considering what their interests are, and what their lifestyle is like then considering a gift that would compliment that.

And, as you’ve clicked on this blog, we can assume that your loved one is a baker. Yipee! That’s where our expertise lie, so we’ve broken down some gift ideas for the baker in your life that are budget accommodating. Let the festive fun begin!

Under £50

1. The Pastry Chef’s Guide: The secret to successful baking every time | Ravneet Gill

A recipe book is an always cherished gift for a baker, it’s exciting to fill your kitchen with lots of inspiration – especially from bakers you greatly admire.

At BONRAW, we’re big fans of Ravneet Gill. Her latest book is an informative, excellent guide for pastry beginners. You can also discover the latest releases from other members of the Bake Off family such as Nadiya Hussain with Everyday Baking and Bake Off 2021 winner, Giuseppe Bell’Anno with Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes.

2. Good-Sweet Stocking Filler (Taster Pack)

What could be sweeter than this? If the baker in your life hasn’t discovered our Organic Sugars & Natural Sweeteners yet, then this is the perfect gift for them.

Our quality natural sugars and sweeteners will elevate their baking, our Coconut Blossom provides a warm treacly flavour profile to bakes and makes and it’s kinder to you and the planet. This bundle is a totally unique and heartfelt gift.

3. Borough Kitchen – Bread Proofing Basket

There’s nothing more wholesome than making your own bread, the scent alone is straight out of a storybook. A bread-proofing basket is a kind and thoughtful gift that will also be a stylish addition to the receiver’s kitchen.

This Birkmann Bread Proofing Basket has been designed to absorb and retain warmth so to provide the perfect environment for dough to thrive in. The shape is also ideal for making longer loaves, and the consistent texture will help bread achieve a healthy crust.

4. Littlepod Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Discover REAL vanilla, Littlepod’s Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract provides the intense flavour of Madagascan Vanilla in a convenient liquid form.

Not only does this vanilla extract provide a wonderful sweetness to your bakes, but it is also sustainable! Produced by real rainforest vanilla that helps to suck up the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Vanilla sweetness that is kind to the planet!

5. Nom Living Coconut Palm Wood Rolling Pin

A homebaker’s essential is a good quality rolling pin, and Nom Living has handmade this elegant rolling pin with a single piece of coconut palm wood.

This would be a stunning addition to your baker’s toolkit, and an incredibly useful gift too.

6. Shipton Mill Soft Cake & Pastry Organic White Flour

For the very busy baker in your life, treat their bakery to a re-stock of quality organic flour. Shipton Mill’s 25kg sacks are a life saver when you’re baking through the busy winter months.

The proof is in the fluffy sponges! This flour creates beautifully light sponges, cakes, batters, and bakes!

7. Nummy Christmas Snowman Baked Doughnuts Box of 6

Christmas time is a very busy time for a baker, which means they hardly have any time to enjoy their bakes themselves. Reward their hard work and effort with delicious festive treats from a wholesome online bakery.

A Nummy bake is made with the kindest ingredients, sweetened naturally with quality ingredients such as coconut sugar and maple syrup. You can opt for a Christmas delivery on their site, so they will be delivered fresh to their door in time for the big day.

Over £50

1. Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro Food Processor

A food processor is a very exciting gift for us foodies! The opportunities are endless with this compact device, and making a smooth and buttery cheesecake base has never been easier.

Not only is this great for baking, but it is a great gadget for cooking too. Homemade pesto, anyone?

2. Four Hour Baking Course at The Smart School of Cookery for Two

Gifting an experience is one of the most exciting gifts you can buy, you’re helping your loved one make memories that will last a lifetime.

And what’s better than a baking course? They’ll have the chance to refine their brilliant skills before applying for the next series of the Bake Off! ?

3. Galashield Marble Cake Stand with Glass Cover Dome

Have you ever seen a cake stand so stunning? Not only is this an elegant gift, but it has incredible functionality. The marble helps makes and bakes remain at a cool temperature, which helps them stay fresh for longer.

This stand looks great on the counter, and the roomy glass dome is suitable for even the most triumph of cakes.

4. Kitchen Aid Nine Speed Hand Mixer

A classic gift idea from Kitchen Aid. Gone are the days when mixing requires a large amount of hard labour, the baker in your life will be whipping up their cake batter in seconds with this gift.

Fitted with nine speeds, so sauces can be mixed delicately, and thick brownie mixes will meet their match!

5. ProCook Non-Stick Bakeware (Set of 6)

A gift from a fellow B Corp! We’re almost certain that the baker in your life could use a refresh of their non-stick bakeware.

However, gone will be the days of sticky non-stick pans, ProCook’s Ultra BK non-stick coating puts the rest to shame!

6. Stalwart Crafts Vegan Cork Apron

Treat your loved one to a quality and sustainably sourced apron that will last a lifetime! Combined with a stunning vegan leather belt. Cork is an excellent material for an apron, as its incredibly strong and stainless. Make this gift extra special by engraving the metal tag with your loved one’s name or with the name of their bakery business!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our gift guide, and that it has filled you with festive inspiration of what to buy your loved one.

We hope you have a very merry Christmas, filled with delicious makes and bakes.

With love, The BONRAW Team

Writer and expert
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