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Vegan Maple Iced Coffee 

Vegan Maple Iced Coffee 
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Servings: 1 

Time: 5 mins 


Maple Sugar and coffee are a highly underrated pairing. The warm caramel flavour matches the toasted coffee notes for a dreamy taste experience. Cooled down for Summer, our maple iced coffee is vegan and refined sugar-free. A big win for coffee-lovers!  



-4 tbsp dark-roasted ground coffee 

-225 ml boiling water 

-BONRAW Organic Fine Maple Sugar (sweeten to your preference) 

-35 ml Plant-based Milk 

-Ice cubes 


  1. Place 4 tbsp of dark-roasted ground coffee into a cafetiere, add 225 ml of boiling water, and then steep for 5 minutes. 
  2. Meanwhile, add Organic Fine Maple Sugar to a drop of boiling water to create a maple sugar syrup.  
  3. Plunge then pour filtered coffee into a glass or mug, and then stir in your maple sugar syrup.  
  4. Pour in 35 ml of your plant-based milk of choice, and then add in your ice cubes.  
  5. And…enjoy a refreshing caffeine boost! 

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Featuring BONRAW Organic Fine Maple Sugar 


Recipe and Images courtesy of our friends at Maple From Canada. 

Writer and expert
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